nibbles & Aperitives

Prosecco Gls     £6.45
Campari Soda     £6.95
Aperol Spritz     £7.45
Kyr Royal     £7.45
Bloody Mary     £6.95
Virgin Mary     £3.45
Spirits (25ml) & Mixer     £6.95
White Wine Spritzer     £6.45
Nigroni     £7.45
Cestino di Pane      £2.95
 Mixed bread basket with olive oil and balsamic dip      
Olive Verdi Di Nocellara   (V)   £2.95
Sicilian juicy green olives      



Misto di Salumi (New)   £9.45/16.50
Wood board for 1 or 2 people with a mix of Italian cured meats, cap berries and grissini bread      
Burrata con Verdure (New) (V) £11.95
Burrata served with grilled and marinated aubergines, courgettes and peppers      
Carpaccio di Manzo (New)   £12.95
Beef fillet carpaccio, rocket salad, parmesan shavings, balsamic reduction, black pepper and extra virgin olive oil      
Carpaccio di Salmone (New)   £9.95
Salmon carpaccio served with micro herbs, quail eggs and mustard dressing on the top      
Parmigiana di Melanzane (V)  £8.45
Oven baked layers of aubergines, tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan cheese & basil      
Frittura Mista di Pesce   £9.95
Deep fried flour dusted fresh calamari rings, anchovies and baby octopus served with cocktail sauce      



All pasta dishes are cooked with in the Italian way ( AL DENTE) and available with gluten free Penne
Paccheri e Spigola (NEW)   £14.95
Gragnano flat tube pasta with sea bass , cougettes, crab bisque, cherry tomatoes, parsley, garlic and white wine      
Gnocchi alla Sorrentina   (V) £12.95
Home made potato dumplings in tomato sauce,mozzarella cheese, parmesan and basil      
Scialatielli Affumicati   (V) £13.95
Home made fresh long pasta with aubergines, smoked mozzarella, cherry tomato sauce, basil and Roman pecorino      
Strozzapreti Broccoletti e Salsiccia     £13.95
Flat pasta, beef meat balls cooked in tomato sauce and pan fried wild mushrooms      
Tagliatelle Vesuvio     £13.95
Home made fresh egg taliatelle with veal meatballs, porcini and chestnut mushrooms, cream, chilli and parmesan      
Scialatielli Mare    
Home made fresh long pasta with king prawn, tiger prawn, squid, clams, mussels, cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and white wine,     £15.45
Spaghettone all’ Astice (NEW)   £19.95
Spaghettone with ½ lobster, bisque, cherry tomatoes & brandy    



Risotto al Vino Rosso (New)   £14.95
Red wine risotto with caramelized onions, topped with sliced Rib eye Steak, rocket & parmesan shavings      
Scaloppina di Vitello al Vino di Madeira (New)   £17.95
Veal escaloppes cooked in Madeira Wine served with dauphinoise potatoes and baby spinach salad      
Agnello in Crosta     £18.95
Pan fried lamb fillet served in walnuts and pistachio crust, rocket salad parmesan shavings and basil pesto      
Filetto di Salmone (New)   £16.95
Pan fried salmon fillet served with rosemary potatoes, green beans, olive oil and balsamic reduction      
Guazzetto di Pesce   £19.95
Seafood bisque with sea bass fillet, clams, mussels, fresh squid, king prawns, tiger prawns, cherry tomatoes, garlic and home-made toasted garlic bread      
Fegato alla Veneziana (New)   £16.95
Pan fried calve’s liver & onions, thyme and white wine light sauce on wholegrain mustard mashed potatoes      



Rosemary potatoes   (V) £3.50
Mix Salad   (V) £3.50
Fried Zucchini   (V) £3.95
Spinach & Garlic (V) £3.50
Sautéed Green Beans   (V) £3.50



Torta pere & Ricotta (NEW)   £6.95
Traditional pear & sweet ricotta cheese with chocolate sauce      
Tiramisu Classico     £6.45
Layers of finger bisquit soaked in expresso and tia maria topped with mascarpone cream and cacao powder    
Caprese al Cioccolato (V) £6.45
Traditional Capri flourless chocolate and almond cake, served with vanilla ice cream      
Baba’ Napoletano   £6.95
A typical traditional Neapolitan dessert consisting of light sponge soaked in rum syrup      
Affogato al Caffe’   £6.95
Vanilla ice cream topped with espresso coffee      
Affogato all`Amaretto   £6.95
Pistachio ice cream served in Amaretto liquor      
Arancia Ripiena   £6.25
A real orange shell filled with a tangy orange sorbet.      
Limone Ripieno   £6.25
Classic tangy lemon sorbet inside a sicillian lemon shell.      
Cocco Ripieno   £6.25
Coconut ice cream inside a classic and exotic coconut shell.      
Arancia Ripiena   £6.25
A real orange shell filled with a tangy orange sorbet.      
Gelato   £6.25
A selection of 3 scoops of Italian ice cream      
Cheese Board   £8.45 or £12.45
Selection of our beautiful Italian cheese available for 1 or 2 people